Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hi all,

I'm back in the states now, after 2 months of traveling around SE Asia once my contract in Korea was up. So, I'm starting a new blog over here: http://mismatedsocks.tumblr.com/ with some pictures from the trip as well as other musings about moving forward with my life.

South Korea was an amazing adventure. I miss aspects of living there pretty much every day. That said, I'd like to give living in Seattle a go for a bit. I'm torn with wanting to travel/work/see the world but also wanting to start a life in the states. Not sure what draws me back to my home country, but for now that's where I'll be. Feel free to look to my tumblr site for updates and pictures.

Maybe someday I'll be abroad again and will come back to this blog. For now, it's time to let it (and all that went with the experience) go.