Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yongjusa (용주사) Temple Stay!

It was a week ago, but I'm trying to be timely and get these pictures up now. Justin was really good about snapping everyone should give him a big thank you! :) Overall, the time spent at the temple was good. We had an interesting group....complete with a few children the first day... that made it for a different experience than either one of us was expecting. However, I must say that I felt more peaceful after the whole thing. Lots of sitting cross-legged and meditation. I got through the 108 traditional bows, which surprisingly, didn't hurt my knee (woop!). It felt good to get another Korean Bucketlist item checked off the list.

We got pretty comfy on these mats after several hours of sitting!

Excited! (We had just arrived)

Yep, him too.

One of the babies who accompanied us the first day.

Guard for the temple. One of four.

Not proper temple etiquette...

The door was to let the spirit of King Jeongjo's father through.

One of our translators! She was great.

BIBIMBAP!! My favorite Korean food...and we got to eat it!


Gosh, those temple clothes look good.

With the sign.

We didn't actually stay in the temple, but at this, more modern facility, across the street.

The other two kiddos--verrrry energetic and creative.

We made lotus lanterns!

Our group with the Buddhist nun who guided us through the experience.

Morning photo.

Breakfast! My first traditional Korean breakfast (rice/kimchi/etc)

Tired jollies after waking up at 3am.

He was handling it a little better. :)

Coloring meditation.

Tea ceremony and Q&A with our nun. The end of the program.

Our nun!

That's us--in Hangul! (Just our first names.)

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