Sunday, July 8, 2012

Doosan Bears vs. LG Twins

The rainy season has joined us here in Korea, which means 80* weather with pouring rain. HOWEVER, this last weekend treated us to sunny skies and hot hot sun. Luckily, the boys had looked ahead and purchased (thanks to Drew's galpal, Lina) tickets to a HOT HOT game on Saturday. To give you a rundown, Doosan and LG share a baseball field. They are kind of, sort of rivals. And this game was AWESOME. I don't usually care for baseball (I usually just go to people watch) but I was definitely into this game. Drew, Lina, and Spenser are LG fans while Justin, myself, and Parham were rooting for Doosan. We were sitting in the LG section so it was up to the three of us to hold our own against the rival fans.

FUN ensued.


Beer/food/snacks...DRIED SQUID.

Happy to be there!

I'm going to miss this guy! SPENSER!


I got a little obsessed with snapping pictures of kids. These two were my favorites.

Outfield section. We were front row, thanks to Drew and Lina!

Beer man. He had a keg in his backpack. Genius.

Wiped out. I don't think the game had really even started.

Cheering! (For the loooosing team.)

That's Lina!

Packed stadium.

The group. Justin's taking the picture. I'm the only one smiling.


Parham! He's one of our newest teachers and is from New Orleans.

Christmas in July! He made me some balloon accessories .

Bracelet and hair scrunchie. AWESOME.
Rooting for the loooosing team. :)
What a cutie.
Oh, and Doosan eked out a win after a couple of extra innings, despite an in-the-park home run by LG. Whew! Quite a game, quite a game.

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Janet said...

I enjoy your adventures and pictures. It looks like you are enjoying what you are doing and the fun on your days off also. Keep posting. Janet H.