Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bad pictures from recent events! Wooo!

Hello there! It's a Monday again...and I'm heading into work after a full week of lazy vacationing. I decided to hang out in Suwon/Seoul for my vacation, in an effort to save money for the BIG SE Asia vacation headed my way in a mere 5.5 weeks. Here are a few iPod photos that I took. Ha. 

Outside my window. Storm brewing. We were supposed to have a typhoon...but it never really happened.
I spent the night with my pal, Chelsea, in Seoul. this was the scene the following morning as i walked to the subway. Wet and dreary. Hello, Rainy Season!

The sun finally came out for the weekend, so Justin and I spent a "date day" in Hongdae, a part of Seoul that I wish I'd spent more time. It's near a university and full of artsy fun shops and countless cafes.
I was nearing a low blood-sugar meltdown and this pineapple on a stick was the perfect cure.

Julio's Mexican. Their slogan: "Modern Mexican. It's better than authentic." I'm not sure about that, but it was definitely scrumptious.
Cuties waiting for the Rainbow Bridge to start!
IT begins. Too light out, still....
Ah, that's better! I'll post pictures from a REAL camera later this week. 

On Sunday, we went to the new Batman movie (great!) and visited our favorite Indian food spot next to Suwon Station. We go there so often that the owner/waiter knows our order. This time he said, "No change!"

Starting to feel the heart-squeezy moments as I think about leaving this place and life. With all of my complaints and yearning for's been a fantastic ride. The next 5.5 weeks will be full of making (more) memories to store in my heart as this new life adventure--whatever it holds--takes root.

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