Thursday, June 7, 2012

finding a little joy

This might be a little silly, but I'm going to put it out there.

I just danced (as in REALLY danced--back to my ballet roots) in the first time for.... many many months. Probably the first time in years. I jumped, pas de burrée-ed, swept my arms aloft and...smiled. Mind you, this is my box of an apartment. Darnit if I didn't feel ridiculously happy.

What brought it this on? An effort to heal my soul, perhaps. To get back to my roots. That, and this song. It brought out my dancing feet. This song, on repeat, has given me a gift. A memory of the joy I once found in moving my body; graceful and strong.

Sometimes it's good to remember those things that once brought you peace of mind. It's easy to forget joy as we grow up and become involved with different people and lives. Why do we forget? Lack of energy? Time? I don't know. ...But I do know that it's nice to bring them back.

Working to find to my roots these days. Looking at schools. Dreaming of a future while struggling to live in the present.

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