Monday, May 28, 2012

Buddha's Birthday Weekend!

Ahhh, the sweet feeling of a 3-day weekend. While many of you back at home were celebrating Memorial Day, those of us here in Korea were happy to give thanks to Buddha. Three day weekends are the best.

On Saturday, we went up to Seoul and had a barbeque on a friend's roof. Check out the view: 

Sunday, Justin and I took another great bike ride and managed to find a new (big!) lake. Hopefully I'll snag some of his fancy camera photos for an update about that...

MONDAY (yes, no-work Monday!), we went with Spenser to a temple here in Suwon. It was a mad house. I had no idea so many people would be there! Despite the crowds, it was great to see the temple on a holiday, all spruced up with lanterns and people.
Today, it's back to work ... Tues/Wed only! We get Thurs/Fri off. Justin and I are heading to the beach to do a little camping! Yahoo!

In other news, we bought our tickets to Malaysia for when our contracts are finished. On September 2nd, we'll be saying goodbye to Korea and heading off on an adventure in Southeast Asia!!

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