Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring is on it's way!

I'm pretty sure we will be seeing one of my favorite seasons (spring!) soon. It's been 50* twice this week already. Wow wow. Roasty toasty.

It's also the end of winter semester at Avalon. Only 4 more days with these kiddos, a 2 day vacation (YES!) and then it's SPRING SEMESTER! Yahoooo! 

No, seriously. I'm excited. 

I'm not too excited that I'll be teaching mostly lower levels next term. Wish me luck. 

We have two new teachers who arrived this week. Haven't really gotten to know them yet. OH, and in case you were wondering--they are males. It seems I'm destined to be the only female foreign teacher forever. Sad days.

Last weekend, Justin and I went to the Seoul Museum of Art to check out the It's My Home exhibition. Amazing photographs from around the world. Apparently, we could have taken a camera into the show but we weren't aware of that....SO you can check out some of Yann Arthus Bertrand's photos HERE if you are so inclined. He does a lot of work showcasing why and how we can promote living sustainably.

[These are outside of the museum. Kind of brain-boggling. The pictures don't do it justice.]
[Apparently, they represent kimchi and how it families make it and then it shrinks. ...that could be a completely incorrect explanation, too.]
[Looking at them made my brain a little loopy.]
 And then there was........School...
[As an extra activity on Wednesday, I had my students make postcards from places they have visited. They also had the option of making one from a place they WANT to visit, hence, the "black hole" postcard. Anyhow, I always enjoy when we get to a little bit of artsy stuff rather than just book work. The kids like it, too. The best part is, many of the great artists don't exactly excel during regular class time. It's wonderful to see them proud of their work.]
[One of the benefits of work--free food randomly brought into the office for everyone. This happened yesterday and there were probably 10-14 bowls full of strawberries to be eaten. I must say, Korean strawberries beat American strawberries (from the store). These tasted like home, garden-grown strawberries. Plus, they are huge.]
All in all, life is looking up! It's been a good week. I'm looking forward to a four day weekend March 1st-4th as well as getting a new batch of kiddos. I'm ESPECIALLY looking forward to SPRING.

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