Monday, February 13, 2012

not a food blog

I realize this isn't a food blog.......However, delicious food seems to be something that gets me out of the usual rut here in Korea, so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of Sunday's meal: Salmon Burgers and Salaaaad (with BLUE CHEESE dressing, sent from the states, of course).

It was my first time making salmon burgers and, I must say, a complete success. The salmon was canned and from Juneau (I mailed 10 cans here when I was visiting last May). I combined it with green peppers, green onions, seasoning, salt/pepper, an egg and soda crackers. They were delicious.

So, those burgers, combined with a relaxing weekend and a supportive partner in crime helped me get out of my unfortunate funk. It's a busy week here, as one of the other teachers is on vacation, but all is well. 

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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