Monday, December 12, 2011

New Semester!

It's December, which means we have switched to Winter Semester at Avalon. This has brought a few changes in people (we lost 2 Korean and 2 Foreign teachers...but gained 1K and 1F) and big changes in classes. I'm no longer teaching Little Avalon, but am still teaching a couple of low-level classes. On the other hand, I'm also doing a high-middle class. Yesterday (the first day of classes) I was told that I am also teaching a once-a-week writing class to the highest level. That should be kind of interesting.... I'm a little nervous and have a lot of preparing to do before Wednesday.

The best part about my schedule is the 2 breaks I get on Tues/Thurs. Yahoo!

Otherwise, things are pretty calm in life right now. I'm looking forward to Christmas and still need to put up my little tree. I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I'm wayyy behind on my xmas shopping. I'm planning on doing it all online this year rather than send gifts from Korea (cheaper and easier). I figure I can just bring gifts back with me next summer....

Hope everyone is doing well! Check out the birthday post--we had a lot of fun!

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