Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011!

 Twas a very merry Christmas in these parts, if you haven't heard already. First of all, I was soooo ready for the weekend. It had been a busy week of work (of course) PLUS shopping for presents, wrapping said presents, worrying whether (other) presents would arrive in time to their respective homes, and just all-around exhaustion. SO, when Friday night arrived, I was one happy gal. I was even happier that it was CHRISTMAS weekend. Woopty-woop!

On Saturday, (Christmas Eve!) Justin and I lounged around and slowly got ready for our dinner/movie date night. It was the perfect day. We went to Outback Steakhouse (yes, they have those in Korea...though with a few menu changes, such as the bulgogi steak) and then watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. The food was good. The movie was okay. Then, we headed over to JuRok, the bar we usually frequent for a few Christmas Eve festivities with other lonely foreigners. It was fun, but we stayed too late and I regretted that the next morning. :)

[Our walk over to dinner and the movie! Snow graced us for xmas this year.]

[Happy happy!]

[Photo courtesy of Spenser! JuRok!]

On CHRISTMAS, we woke up a little late (thank you, JuRok) and had to bustle around getting food ready for the lunch we had planned with Spenser, Drew, Lina (Drew's gf), Chelsea, and Harry. Present opening was put on hold for a bit...but we managed to open most right before lunch. Yay! --Thanks to everyone for the super fun gifts!---
[Opening presents. His favorite, blue cheese dressing from his mom!]
LUNCH was great. We had all kinds of delicious food. The meat eaters had ham and Harry/Myself had black bean burgers.

[Garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm.]
[Christmas shirt from Justin!]

[Harry and Drew!]
[It was so nice to see Chelsea, too!]
From there, we raced up to Seoul (on the subway, I suppose you can't really "race") for our 4:00 ice skating time-slot at Seoul Plaza.

[Waiting for the subway. Thanks to Spenser, for this great photo.]

[Spenser and me. Can you spot Namsan Tower in the background?]
[Skating = me being pulled by my expert skate partner. Best.]
[The group: Spenser, Harry, Myself, Justin, Lina, Drew]
 I have to say, this year's skating was a huge improvement over last year's. It wasn't the coldest day in 50 years and it was during the day. So, I ended up having a great time skating and I think everyone else did, too.

We were exhausted by this time of the day and I just wanted to cozy down at home, so that's what we did. I opened a few remaining presents and relaxed with Justin for the rest of the night.

I must say, I love SKYPE for allowing me to see all of my family on Christmas (or the day after, for me). Makes me feel at home.

And, I know I said it before, but I couldn't help but feel extremely blessed this year. I'm so fortunate to have generous family and friends. I'm lucky to have a job and not have to worry about expenses during the holiday season. I am blessed to have a partner with whom to share the season, too. We've had a good year and things just keep getting better.

[Merry Christmas!!!]

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