Monday, December 12, 2011

Belated Birthday Post!

I had another great birthday in Korea. Friday night I got to go out to eat with coworkers and a few additional surprises (Justin invited a couple of my lady friends out with us!). It was a late night after dinner at the local bar, JuRock, and I had a lot of fun. Then, on Saturday, Justin and I headed to Seoul where we went to the Korean Folk Museum (a first for us) and a 4-restaurant dinner. The food was delicious and the company was fantastic. Here are a few pictures from the birthday extravaganza---

[Dinner! Thanks to Spenser for this photo and the next few.]
[Happy Birthday Girl]
[Calvin (just left!), Paul, Me, Chelsea]

[Opening presents!!!!]

[Old Korean Post box. I loved this.]

[First dinner stop: Petra Palace for hummus]
[Second stop: The Noodle Box for Pad Thai]
[Main Course: Noxa!]

[Ricotta Gnocci! SO delicious...]

[Enjoying the gnocci. A little cold...]
[Last spot of the night...dessert!]
[Pie and coffeeeeee]

[Thanks for the candles, Mom!]

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