Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Hello!

I'm back! Briefly. More will follow--I promise!

Apologies for the absence. I didn't have internet for awhile and then I got the STOMACH FLU, which knocked me over and made me very tired. Today I'm finally feeling normal and I'm ready to resume the usual blog writings. (You know, once a week. Don't want to get TOO crazy!)

Last weekend involved going to the Body World Exhibit (amazing) and attending a Makgeoli festival in Seoul. It was at that festival that I believe I drank the fateful bad water that led to my sickness. However, the event was ridiculously fun and I am working on gathering pictures to display on this here blog.

We also had a Halloween Event Day at work, so I have pictures of cute Korean kids dressed up in costumes for a holiday they don't celebrate. HIlarious.

I shall return soon. Sending love to my loves!

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