Monday, November 28, 2011

HodgePodge POST

I'll say it right now: I haven't been taking very many pictures. Luckily, I have Justin to do that. He's been snapping away the last few weekends, documenting the random things we've done. So, here are a few pictures. Put them all together and you have a typical weekend/month of weekends in my life.

Suwon Fortress. We biked over there a couple of weekends ago and wandered around, kicking rocks and accidentally hitting people with said rocks. It was a good time.

[The couple I *accidentally* hit whilst kicking a rock. Note the matching sweatshirts.]

Spenser's Birthday. Unfortunately, he took most of the pictures that night
......and then had his camera stolen. Bummer. Here are a few.

[Birthday Boy on the way to dinner!]

[A little rock/scissor/paper action for the last bite]
[Grabbing Spenser a drink from a bag, successfully (almost) ending the night]
[5am waiting for the subway to start so we can go HOME]

A much slower-paced weekend. Insadong and "Thanksgiving" dinner with friends.

[I managed to partake in 3 "surveys" on Saturday. This was #2. They gave us a present for answering their questions! Sweet.]

[Oregon-brewed beer! Tasty.]

[Dinner with friends. No turkey, but a lot of laughter and great conversation.]
[Heading home at a much more reasonable hour--before the subway and buses stop!]
[Where we wait for our bus back to Suwon.]
 So, that's that. A few weekends in one post. Pretty good, yeah? Work is picking up, busy-wise. We're at the end of our semester, which means preparing for the next one. I'm about ready to say goodbye to my current batch of kiddos, but, as always, have slight trepidation for what the new semester will hold. It's a gamble what kids and classes you will get. Yikes!

Oh, and I'm also enjoying my last week of being 26. I'm looking forward to a quiet birthday weekend and a fantastic year ahead. Here we goooooo!

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