Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Happy Wednesday! How are things where you are? All is good here in Korea. We just finished term tests yesterday (2 very easy days) and are resuming the usual schedule today. Calvin, a coworker, is on vacation, so today and Friday I have "long" days. Shouldn't be too painful, though.

Anyhow, here are pictures from the Makgeolli 막걸리 festival and HALLOWEEN. I know, I'm a little past due here...

[The setting of the festival! Beautiful!]

[Booths forever]

[Being silly]

[Makgeolli cups in hand. 2,000W for all you can drink]


[A man who had consumed WAY too much Makgeolli and was eager to chat...or yell]

[I fulfilled a bucket-list dream of being inside a costume like that! THAT'S ME!]

[Foreign teacher staff + 1 TA (in the mask!]
[The staff that dressed up. Erik and Harry did not partake.]

[Making bags to trick-or-treat with. That's Jack in the red. He's a funny kid.]
[Sarah. She wore her costume the Friday prior, too. Just because it was pretty.]   
[Janet! Alice!]

[Sally! Sweetest girl.]
[Jenny. Super smart and she really got into her costume!]
[Trick-or-treating to the older kids' classrooms!]

[Madness! I think they had a lot of fun, though.]

Autumn is really happening now...

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lovely pics.

- sleepy