Wednesday, October 19, 2011

설악산 (Seoraksan)!!!!

Another to-do-in-Korea item is checked off my list. I hiked Seoraksan! Yay!

It wasn't easy. We hopped on a bus in Seoul at 11:30pm, got maybe 3 hours of sleep, and began hiking at 3:30am. Justin and I were finished at about 3 in the afternoon. It was a long hike, exacerbated by the hundreds (if not thousands) of other hikers we encountered along the way. There were times when we stood in line for 5 minutes, just waiting to go up another two or three steps. The peak was foggy and very cold. Going down was *hell*--my knee was screaming and there were too many stairs. HOWEVER, I am extremely happy to have completed the hike and to have seen the beautiful fall colors the mountain was able to share with us. I kept telling myself it was a once in a lifetime experience---I'll probably never hike with that many people again--and to embrace the Korean hiking culture.

PICTURES!  More can be found HERE.

[The beginning. It's dark. That's me, 
Justin, Spenser, and Ellen, if you can't tell.]

[Hiking in the dark. People.]

[Hey! It's getting light! There are still a lot of people!]

[Even behind us!]

[At least it's beautiful!]

[Almost there---you can tell because it's SUPER foggy!]

[The peak! People! Madnesssss!]

[Made it to the top!]

[Happy Hikers!]

[Heading down. The skies were beginning to clear.]

[Happy to be in a little sunshine!]

[The view. WORTH IT.]

[The start of a most beautiful valley.]


[I think this was basically the end. Happppppy Girl.]

                        [Thanks for being pretty, Leaves.]

[The view from below. I don't think that's the mountain
we hiked, but it sure is gorgeous in the sun!]

[The next day at the beach. Sun and fun!]

[Achy muscles but reallllly happy minds and spirits.]

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