Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's all take a deeeep breath...

And relax.

And enjoy a slow, quiet Saturday.

Much like my day, today.

After my long weekend last week, all I wanted to do today (clean my apartment, wash my sheets and towels) has been completed. Well, the towels are up next. Otherwise, though, I'm making the most of my easy Saturday. And what better to do quietly than to update the blog with pictures from Ulleungdo?

SO. I'll preface it all with mentioning that it was not the best weather. Our first day it rained. A lot. The other two days were overcast and humid and hot. But at least it wasn't all rain. We got a chance to take a bus tour the first day and explore on our own the other two.

Ulleungdo is a BEAUTIFUL island in the East Sea. A lot of Koreans don't even get a chance to travel there because (a) it's far away and (b) the weather often causes the ferries to be cancelled. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the time to visit and good luck with the ferry!

Here are a few of the pictures. To see the rest, click HERE. I definitely recommend clicking, but be prepared for a looooot of pictures of water and greenery. :)

The morning after our night bus ride and
before hopping on the ferry...we tried to watch
the sunrise but it was too cloudy.

Squid boat! See the lamps they use to attract the squid?!
A quick stop on the bus tour. This is the female rock.


The second day! Hiking and exploring...

 We stayed in this part of the island.

We didn't go on the Dokdo ferry (and I'm happy with this decision because apparently the sea was pretty rough and most people were throwing up) BUT, we were able to see it after taking a cable car high up on Ulleungdo. For those who don't know, Dokdo is an island that Japan and Korea disagree on. Both countries claim ownership of the territory.

The view from the cable car, looking down on a temple.

Two cute girls in their Hanboks, or traditional Korean clothing.
Ready to celebrate Chuseok!

 The last day we took a hike along the coast. Favorite.

We went down those stairs. They were a littttttle scary.

Can you spot Justin?!

A few of the many squid fishing boats

The island is known for its squid and pumpkin candy. 
Justin was brave enough to eat a dried squid. Yuuuuuuck.

Happy Travelers!

Those are all the pictures I'll post on here--too many, really--so check out the link above if you want to see more.

Happy relaxing! I hope your day is as lovely as mine has been....

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