Monday, September 19, 2011

Leaves are a changin'

The cool breeze of autumn is starting to blow and I've been reflecting on where I was, both physically and mentally, a year ago.

Working at Chundahm. Unhappy with work. Living in Yeongtong. Unhappy with my relationship (largely in part due to my location). I was feeling the cold wind and wanting to jump free of all that was holding me in a place that felt unkind.

Fast forward 12 months and here I am in Jangan working for Avalon. The job is a huge step up and my relationship is also light years better.

I'm still feeling that autumn whisper tugging at my soul. Only this time, it's not asking me to leave. It's not asking me to break ties. It's whispering that things can only continue to get better. To stay right here.

So, as the temps take a 10-20 degree jump downwards, I'm bracing and feeling prepared for what this (typically difficult, yet favorite) season has in store.

I'm hoping it's filled with cozy snuggle-downs, warm drinks, and crispy leaves to crunch.

Come and get me, cold wind. I'm ready.

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