Friday, September 9, 2011

HAPPY 추석 (Chuseok)!!!

It's Friday, 1:46pm, and I'm not at work! Yahoo! I'm on a short vacation to celebrate Chuseok, or Thanksgiving, here in Korea. Tonight, Justin and I are heading off on an adventure to Ulleungdo, an island in the East Sea (aka Sea of Japan). The weather forecast isn't looking too beautiful, but I'm still hoping for a little bit of breathtaking scenery and lots of water. You know I love my water.

Anyhow, the past week and a half or so have been good. Last week, we had Wednesday off for a semester break. Justin and I took the day to head to Seoul, do a little shopping, and go to my first Korean baseball game. The game was really fun and like no other bball game that I've been to. We were fortunate enough to get seats in the cheering section, so were surrounded by singing and cheering Koreans. There were even cheerleaders. Pretty entertaining.

  Doosan Bears. I think they are last or almost last in the league, 
but they still put on a good game!

You know, just hanging out with some grassy baseball players.
 Happy to have a TICKET!

Oh yeah, did I mention you can take any food or 
beverage into the game that you want? Mmm. Pizza. 

Kind of quiet at a Wednesday game between t
he two worst teams in the league...

 But the fans were still pretty into it!

Then, last weekend, I went to my first Korean wedding! A coworker (actually, the head foreign teacher), married her professional dart-thrower partner. Needless to say, the ceremony was a bit different than what I'm used to. The most interesting part was that people held full-on conversation throughout the entire thing. I don't even think they listened to the officiator. SO, that was different. Then, there was a buffet (what I'm told most people go to weddings for). Anna (the bride) was kind enough to let Justin and myself watch the traditional Korean ceremony, too. I liked that the most. We forgot the memory card for Justin's, once again, had to resort to the ipod. Not the best pictures, but you get the idea:

Where the "western" ceremony took place. 

 CUTE kiddos.

The moms receiving instructions. 
I don't believe they do a rehearsal before the actual day.

Almost ready to head down the aisle!

Traditional Ceremony.

They bowed to their parents and gave them tea. 


 This was really fun. He walked her around the table.

I apologize for the poor quality photos....but, like I said, you get the idea. :)

Well, I'd better finish packing and then maybe take a little rest before the big trip tonight. It's another one of the "bus all night, wake up to sunrise, catch a ferry early in the morning" kind of trips. Should be FUN! Expect pictures...and Happy Chuseok!

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Amy said...

Wow, that's awesome you got to see the traditional ceremony! Both looked gorgeous. I love those traditional...outfits? I don't know what you call them. But it looks fun!