Thursday, August 18, 2011

whew! a little busy!


The last couple of weekends have been busy. Well, busy for this girl. I usually like a Sunday with absolutely nothing to do, preceded by a relaxing Saturday, in which maybe I see a few sights/do something fun in the afternoon...but nothing too early or late on either day. Well, that hasn't been the case lately, and I'm definitely okay with that, as it's given me a chance to meet new people, go new places, and see new things! I am ready for a relaxing weekend, though. It's Friday here (thank goodness) and my only plans for this weekend are to see a couple of great gals from my old job. Perfection.

So, two weekends ago, like I said in the blog--we met up with Hyemi and later with her friend, Ellen. These two ladies are friends of Spenser. They are a lot of fun. Hyemi is a big planner, so she always has something great for us to do. She and Ellen planned for Justin, Spenser, and myself to head out to the Gangwon-do coast to visit Ellen's sister (and new baby!!!) for an overnight last weekend.

It took about 5 hours there and back on the bus, but that was only because of a holiday weekend (we didn't get Monday off but everyone else in the country did). SO, after the long ride, we grabbed a bus to this place: Gyeonpo Beach. It's famous because it's right next to a huge lake, too. The area is also famous for its home made tofu, so we stopped and had lunch, too.

We only stayed at Gyeonpo for a few minutes, went to tofu, and then made our way to Shin Shaimdang's house (1504-1551). She is the only woman pictured on South Korean money. She's on the 50,000 note. Wow. The grounds were BEAUTIFUL. Hyemi informed us that she is the role model of Confucian ideals. I guess her nickname is "Wise Mother." Anyhow, it was interesting to walk around and see her home.

From there, we went to Ellen's sister's home! It's 5 minutes from the beach (a different beach but I can't remember the name)....and pretty wonderful. Ellen has a nephew, nicknamed "Honey," who is about 6 months old. He's adorable and was the star of the weekend, as seen in the pictures:

Ellen's brother in law was kind enough to take us to a temple on the ocean on Sunday. Another beautiful temple with three huge statues right on the water. Great experience.

We spent about 2 hours at the beach--just enough time to do some swimming (much less people than at Haeundae) and get a little sun. Then, it was back on the bus to Suwon.

I was exhausted coming home, but SO happy to have gone on the trip. Oh, and...HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Last day of Intensives! New term starts in two weeks! Wowa. Time is flying by.

PS. Thank you to Spenser for letting me use some of his pictures! It's a hodgepodge of everyone's. 

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