Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh what a beauuutiful weekend

I'm going to say it. Well, I'm going to think it. I am feeling that perhaps the "r-a-i-n" (I refuse to say the word, only spell it) MAY be over. Maybe. Let's hope. Let's all do a collective finger crossing. No more R-A-I-N.

No, seriously. I think it might be done. Take the last few days as proof--very little, if any, r-a-i-n. In fact, it was quite sunny yesterday with lovely fluffy white clouds (none of those dark, foreboding ones) and a slight cooling breeze.

I'm ready for some late summer/early fall weather. I'm always ready for the changing of the seasons.

Saturday, I was fortunate enough to see Courtney and Carolyn for Indian food and a few drinks. We had plans of going dancing, but as we glanced at each other yawning, we decided it just wasn't in the cards. No problemo. Lots of fun conversation and laughter was accomplished instead.

In the most exciting news of the weekend--I got a bike! It's even collapsible! And has mini-wheels! And was used. Only 60,000Won. Justin helped me get it. He's pretty excited because now we can take bike rides together. I'm pretty excited, too. It's fun to go ripping around on a bicycle. I'll take a picture one of these days and post it, because I'm positive you all want to see what has brought me such delight. :)

Like I said, yesterday was quite beautiful. Justin and I made our way to Seoul (Itaewon) in the morning to stock up on foreign foods (cheese, oatmeal, etc). We got back and I went straight to Manseok Park (on my BICYCLE), spread out a blanket, and did some reading. Justin joined me about an hour later and we hung out for a couple of hours longer. It was such a relaxing Sunday. The best kind of Sundays.

The lake at the Park

Blanket Tiiiiime

Beautiful dayyyyyy!
I'm also happy to announce that we are back on a normal schedule at work. No more of those 11:30-8:30 days. Woohoo! Now, I work 1:30-9:30. This is the last full week of summer semester and I'll be getting my schedule and new classes soon. I have no idea what to expect, just that I'm positive I'll be teaching several Little Avalon classes (the youngest kiddos). Oooooh boy.

Here's hoping for a wonderful week!

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mamamary said...

Katrina~ i'm so happy to read of all your adventures. I love to hear your thoughts and see all those amazing pictures! thank-you for sharing your Korean life with us. love you!