Monday, August 29, 2011

Lazy weekend #2, Thank You.

Well, I think it was the 2nd lazy weekend in a row. I can't really remember the one before (likely because it was delightfully uneventful). Well, this past one was the same. The big trip of the weekend was to HomePlus (the Korean WalMart...sort of...) and was made that much more fun because we could both ride our bikes! I still haven't snapped a picture of the bike, but will try my darndest to do it today.

Anyhow, HomePlus was good. I stocked up on things like black beans, yoghurt, and carrots. Wooo, sounds like a lot, I know. Grocery shopping just isn't that eventful as a veggie in Korea. At least, not for a veggie like me--a non-cooker.

However, Justin and I made black bean burgers again Sunday night. They were pretty good. We're now trying to figure out how to make them a little more firm, as these patties were soft and squished up once they were put onto a bun. I know, you'll probably think you've seen these pictures before--but they are new, I swear! ...just of the same topic as a few posts ago...

grilling up some buuuurgs

probably my favorite food we've made in korea

 hehe. gotcha.

i guess i need to find a new food to photograph

Earlier on Sunday, we headed to the park (on our bikes!) and sat in the sun (me)/shade (Justin). We were lucky enough to catch the fountain show on the lake! I've always seen the little spouts out there on the water, but haven't ever been around to see the show. It was complete with accompanying music. Classy.

a sunny day at the park

complete with a water show!

This week is nice because today is a mini-Friday. We have tomorrow off for semester break, then back on Thurs/Fri to start Fall Semester. Wow. It's hard to believe it's almost fall. Sure doesn't feel like it here in Korea. The rain (yes, I'll say it now!) has stopped and we have sunny, hot weather. Perfection.

I hope it lasts until Chuseok, two weekends from now, when Justin and I are heading to Ulleung-do. It's a remote island in the middle of the East Sea. Should be pretty amazing. Check out these pictures I found online...

This coming weekend is a coworker's wedding. So, wish me luck at my first Korean wedding. I don't really know what to expect, but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. :)

I'm ready to start a new semester. While I've enjoyed my classes thus far, it's always different when you begin a term as their teacher, rather than coming in half way through. I'm teaching little ones (Little Avalon) and middle of the pack ones. Should be fun! **Crossing my fingers for fun kids.**

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