Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's time for an update

Week 2 in the big AK (Alaska, for those unfamiliar with state acronyms), week 4 of not working. Is that right? Hm, I suppose it is--one week on Jeju, almost a week in Seattle, and now I'm in Juneau, the place of my birth. Yes, the place. Actually, right here in this very room where I sit on a bed (no, not the same bed) with a computer (before laptop computers, I imagine), out I came, into this world.

To spend a concentrated amount of time in this place is somewhat unsettling but has proven to be quite lovely in relaxation and exercise. I'm trying not to gain back all of the weight I lost in Korea (12 pounds, at least) so am out for walks on some days, bike rides on others. I even ran a bit today. In the rain.


Ohhhh the rain. Juneau, I love you for your beauty, for your people, for your green green trees and your majestic mountains. But, I hate you for your rain. Your rain makes my eyelids droop. All I want to do is curl up with a book next to the fire and fall asleep reading.

Which, as it turns out, I am fully able to do. I am on vacation, remember?


So go my days--family time, relaxation, a little bit of exercise, and sleep. Missing Korea a lot--looking forward to my return (by July 11th). Reflecting on the year past in Suwon and the many years I lived in Juneau. Making comparisons, looking forward... there's a lot going on in this brain.