Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yeppers, it's true. Back in the homeland.

I'm currently sitting on the couch of a dear friend, watching the sunlight stream through windows and grey clouds float across the sky. I'm in Seattle. The Northwest. This city has never been considered a home, but it's sure close enough to several homes of my past.

Reverse culture shock? I'm not even sure what to call it. I feel strange in this world, but not so much that I notice big differences. Hard to explain. The cashiers speak to me (in English!), I can read menus, I'm using American money, and I haven't heard anyone use Hangul. That would be a sound for sore ears, as it's hard to drown out conversations that are in your home language. I've always liked that about Korea--it is easy to just put the conversations in a "music" mode, easy to be background noise.

I'm quite thankful to my gracious (newlywed-ish) hosts, who have opened their home to a weary traveler and have made delightful dinners and listen to incessant comparisons of my two most recent home countries. They must be exhausted.

Oh, and I've caught myself doing a little bow when saying thank you. In English. That must be an interesting sight. At least I haven't pulled a 'kahm-sahm-ni-da."

So, that's it. Recouping today from a long day of shopping yesterday--oh, and flying 10 hours the day before--has made me feel, at first, quite lazy. I recently decided, however, that I can embrace this quiet in my head and body. I've got a couple of months to be active here in the U.S. Don't want to do it all in the first week! ;)

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