Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo Adventure!

This post will be mostly photos.

Finished work Friday night. Ran up to Seoul. Met Justine, Chelsea, Spenser, other Justin, Matt, Dani, and Amarisse. Caught the bus at 11:30pm in Seoul. Didn't sleep more than an hour on the way down. Up at 5:30. Out of the bus at 6:30 to view the sunrise. Back on the bus. Off again to take a ferry 40 minutes to the island. Commenced hiking. Up and down, up and down over the ridge. Jagged Ridge (aptly named). More like rock climbing in parts. Finished around 3:30 (after many lazy breaks, some makgeolli sipping, and scenery gazing). Bus to pension. Showers. Dinner at 7:30 (tofu bbq for the veggies). Passed out to Die Hard 3 at 10. Up at 8. Breakfast. Quick stroll in the misting rain. Hopped on the bus. Tong Young Harbor to see the infamous Turtle Ship. Bus. Jinhae, finally. Posed with some cherry blossoms. Snapped some pictures. Back on the bus at 4:00. Long drive back--2 movies (saw the new Star Trek for the first time). Dropped off in Suwon. Home by 9:30.

I love my life.


 Still Sleepy...heading up to see the sunrise

Gorgeous. So happy to be near water.

 There she is. Life force.

 The destination. Jagged Ridge. We hiked most of it.

Lord of the Rings style.
Just checking out the next step.

Ropes were helpful.

 Makgeolli Break.

Pure Joy.

The Ladies.


I love boats.

Harbor boats.

Largest Turtle Ship replica in Korea.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival....still coming out.

 Very fun people! 
Mmmmm. Lots of jiggae.

Happy Girl!

All in all, an absolutely wonderful weekend. Great people. Amazing scenery. Laughter. What more could a gal ask for?!?!

For more pictures, click HERE.

I'm counting down the days, and while I'm very excited to be finished with my current job, the beginnings of nostalgia are setting in. I'm really going to miss Korea while I'm back in the states...and can't wait to get back here to have more adventures. My oh MY how times have changed! :)

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