Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Term...2011!

As of Monday, Spring Term has begun. I have a full schedule (no more "writing class" at 715 MWF) so the days seem a bit longer. This week has been rough, as I have been battling a sore throat for a week and a half. Last weekend, I barely had a voice, and I woke up today completely congested. It seems that the bugs in Korea aren't quite finished with me yet.

SO far, my classes seem pretty good. I thought I would have a few trouble kids after Monday, but teaching them again on Wednesday wasn't as difficult. Maybe it was first day jitters and the kids were extra hyper?

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my kids from last term, whom I dearly miss and were definitely my best classes all year......

 On the last day of Junior Masters, 
I let them color/draw a flag for a "Global Village"

These are my smarties...
they all went upstairs to Chungdahm this term

Amy, the girl in the front sticking out her tongue, is the sweetest, 
most soft spoken child in the world. She was so embarrassed by this picture!!

 This was my lowest level class, Seedbed2. 
They were adooorable.

Wayne--hilarious kid

Waiting in the hallway to change classes

Super cuties

Another favorite class, minus the girl in pink. 
She told her mom that I didn't give her review tests back 
(just to get out of showing her poor grades)

One day, Chris, the boy in black/red said, "Yo, Teacher"
and I couldn't help but crack up.  

Love 'em

I did not love this class....but I guess they are good kids. 
I think Brad (with the awful face) has an attention problem.

Ending with my faves... T/TH Sprout 3. Smarties, for sure, and so, so tiny! 
I don't think any of their feet touched the floor when sitting.

Thinking Project... little hands

Best writer, Johnny

Ella. Smallest of them all. She asked for my email and
phone number to make sure we can still talk when I leave April.

Ella's best friend, Juliet. The only one who would smile for a picture. 

So, now, I'm counting down the weeks. At then end of this one, I'll have 6 more of teaching! Wahoo! Justin and I plan to go to Jeju Island for a week, and then I'm heading back to the states. Get excited.


Amy said...

I'm excited for sure! Maybe I'll get a little peek at you while you're around? I miss you!

ashley rae said...

i am! i AM excited! thrilled really!!!!
love the photos of your students. agree with your statement about the child who may have an attention problem... that look/expression on his face is a tyler one- and my brother is the definition of an attention "issue" :).

loves. can't wait to hug you.