Sunday, March 13, 2011

a shout to the woman who brought me into this world...

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

You've given me a strong, feminist role model to look up to. You've shown me how to laugh at life's frustrations. You've cried with me, laughed with me, and taught me strength. You are a beautiful ARTIST, MOTHER, and PERSON. I feel honored to be your daughter.

I love you...even thousands of miles away. Thanks for being such a great mama.

Love, your pumpkin.

Things you may not know about my mother:
She's an amazing artist.
She grows the BEST cucumbers in her bountiful garden.
In her 20's, she hopped on a ferry, headed for somewhere in Alaska, and landed in Juneau. The story of her adventure is thrilling, hilarious, and will show you how strong she really is.
She makes a mean cup of coffee.
She always just "knows," as most moms do.
Her flower arrangements are fabulous.
She rearranges the living room every couple of months, and it always looks better, no matter how great it looked before.
She finished school while working full time with two kids...and became a teacher. She's even Nationally Board Certified.
She is not thanked enough for all that she does.
Now, she's a bad ass librarian in a small town, helping kids, adults, and seniors find new books to read.
She makes my life better, just by being her.


Kari said...

Yes! She is an amazing woman who has touched many lives including mine. Happy Birthday Becky!!

ashley rae said...

awwww mama rebecca!!!!!!