Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meh, we all have our ups and downs, even Mother Nature


That's the big news. After temps warmed up, flowers were planted, and public restrooms were painted, (all in preparation for spring) SNOWED. Pshhhh. Don't tease my senses, Mother Nature. When I feel that heat of the sun on my skin, when I start rolling up my pants and wearing flats, when I buy strawberries from the street market, I expect SPRING. It's been a chilling winter. My skin is the whitest it has been since infancy, and my bones are cold. I need some heat, Miss Earth. Don't fail me now.

Arguments for spring:

A perfect Sunday morning stroll...made better with strawberries.

If pansies aren't a sign of spring, then I don't know what is.

Mandal Park restroom...just gleaming in the sunshine after its fresh coat of paint.

Made me feel like this:

Luckily, today brings sun, the melting of snow, and a cool breeze to energize the soul on my walk to work. It's Friday, which marks EXACTLY 3 weeks until my job here is done.

Fittingly, the first "bad" thing to happen in Korea occurred this week: I am now a crime victim. Yes, on Tuesday, at about 1:05pm, all of my (newly withdrawn) money was taken out of my wallet. At school. In my classroom. When I was just next door. After going to the mart at about 2:00 and having zero cash to pay, I was sick, thinking I had somehow misplaced the 100,000 won (almost $100) that I had just withdrawn. Then, I realized that NO, I could not have just tossed my money (plus the 6,000won already in there) on the ground. So, luckily, our school has CCTV in all of the classrooms. Lo and behold, after watching the video, I was able to confirm that a woman came into my classroom, noticed my bag on the desk, and took my money out of my wallet.

Well, lesson learned. I can only hope this is the worst thing that will happen to me in Korea.

In more uplifting news, I'm heading to Daegu this weekend to visit Teralyn. This will be our last meeting before we both head out of Korea. Hopefully, we will both be back in the next few months to enjoy plenty of laughter and wine again. :)

Happy Weekend! Here's hoping it's not snowing in your neck of the woods, unless you LIKE that sort of stuff, of course.


Rebekah said...

wow. ive been reading your blog and you seem like a really cool person. I'm glad you are having fun in korea.I'm from WA state so its cool that you know that WA and WA DC are two different places :)

it sounds like you have had quite the adventure. I am new to korea and am looking for some cool people to hangout with since I've been having a hard time making friends since my school is small and my co teachers are much older. there is one young person but she's got a korean bf so she never seems to want to hangout. anyway, just trying to make new friends. I don't have a blog just fb so if I don't seem to much of a freak to you please shoot me an email on fb or whatever. itd be nice to talk to someone who lives here and is friendly and open minded.


ashley rae said...

really enjoyed your rhetoric here but am sorry about the snow and the stolen money. RUDE. i am so flippin excited to see you... i know i keep saying that but OH MY GOODNESS HOW EXCITING!! WE HAVEN'T SEEN EACH OTHER IN A YEAR AND I GOT MARRIED AND YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED SO MUCH AND I WANT TO CHATCHATCHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!