Tuesday, January 11, 2011

requisite seoul tower post!

Last weekend, I checked another tourist-y item off of my list: Seoul Tower, which is situated on Namsan Mountain in Seoul. It had stared down at me for too long--on Sunday, I stared down with it.

There are a few options for getting to the tower--take a tram, a bus, or walk your out of shape buns up there. We chose the healthiest option and made the trek. It's really not much of a trek, so I'd definitely recommend walking up rather than taking a crowded tram. That said, I am thankful this trip happened in the winter....I can't imagine walking up there in July's heat and humidity.

It was a beautiful, perfect day for sightseeing, with blue skies stretching as far as you could see and bright sun giving just enough warmth to make the chilling wind bearable.

Here are a few pictures of the adventure. More can be seen if you click HERE.

The path towards the tower. Well, not actually...headed down this direction and then realized were weren't going up... so we had to turn around. At least I got this nice picture!

Coffee. It was cold.

About halfway up...

The tower! 

These "love lock" trees are full of locks and messages of, yep, you guessed it: love.

(I did not partake in the love locking)

A quick snack at the top...mostly to warm up after the walk!

 Sweet potato stack! Delicious!

MORE locks.

From the observatory. Most of the windows have the names of far-off cities. I was excited to see Alaska, but was hoping for a JUNEAU sign.

Same with Washington... hoping for OLYMPIA! (I just noticed that it says "Anchorage, Alaska" and "Seattle, USA" ......hm.

Namsan Mountain/Park

OoOOOo shadows

Even the bathroom has great views!

I like the tile walls that are in many Korean tourist destinations.

That's all...the view from below...

In other news.....I'm in week two of intensives. The long Tues/Thursdays are getting to me, just a little bit. I will be very happy when this month is over and I have a week long vacation. Prior plans to head to Thailand or some other delightful place have been canceled--I have a hard time paying $600 for a ticket when I'm still trying to pay off student loans. As the vacation is over Lunar New Year, a time when most people head home, I don't know how high my chances are of traveling anywhere within Korea, either! SO...it might just be a lovely week of relaxation and close-to-home trips. One thing I know for sure--I won't hear "Teacher! TEACHER! TEACHERRRRR!" for 9 glorious days! 

I have been in Korea for 9 months. Three more and I'm jumping ship, at least for a bit...

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Raise Capital said...

Nice adventure! I was curious about the "love lock" thingy. I wonder what they do to those love wishes after locking them on that tree. LOL