Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work Happenings...December '10 to now

The last two months, in pictures...

Work Xmas Party...the ladies (minus Vy)

                    All of the teachers (minus Vy)...

                                                                       All gussied up...for a work party...
That's better.

One of my favorite classes from Fall term. 
(Check out the boy in blue--death stare! Ironically, his name is Joy.)

        These kids are all super young and SUPER smart. 
Three of them followed me (their request) to the current term.

The devil class. Well, the Devil child. She's the middle one.

                 Junior Masters. The smarties. Can you tell?

 Celebrating...Carolyn's birthday

The current crew. Back row from left: Norah, Alex, Me, Carolyn. 
Middle row: Jin, Courtney, Linda, May
Front: Erin, Vy
(This was for our "happy new year" card to the bosses)

My least favorite part of the job is behind me: COPIES.

I forget to post pictures of random happenings...so today is the day! Hope it was fun!


Jenny said...

Wow~ Looks like u r really enjoying ur job.

ashley rae said...

woop woop! i like your photos.