Monday, January 17, 2011

korea, you are chilling my bones

It is cold.

I know that in many places around the world, namely Juneau, Alaska and Fowler, Kansas, the actual temps have dropped below what I'm experiencing here in Korea. I maintain, however, that 15*F in Korea feels like -15*F in the states. I don't know why that is--the dryness of air? the wind?--but holy moly, this girl is freezing.

Last weekend, I attempted a few outdoor activities, only to be met with icy wind and numb toes. Friday night was an evening out in a new place called Boemgye, home to Chelsea, a friend of Spenser's (Justin's coworker). Chelsea is from Portland and quite a kick in the pants. I have to say, Beomgye was a repeat of Yeongtong, but much more enjoyable because the only familiar faces were of those in our group. Sometimes, you just have to get away from home.

On Saturday, we tried a quick trip near Osan military base--mostly to check out the shops/restaurants. If you remember, I went to a Christmas dinner near the same base. It's a short subway ride from Suwon and is perfect for something to do on a lazy Saturday. UNFORTUNATELY, the temperature struck and it was almost unbearable being outside. Justin and I jumped from shop to shop, not buying anything, warming ourselves as we perused shoes, jackets, and hiking backpacks. The best part of the day was a lovely, cozy coffee shop that gave us gendered coffee mugs. Blue for Justin, pink for me. Hilarious.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend. I've been wanting to go to a Chagall exhibit in Seoul...and I finally made it. We tried to go earlier in the day so it wouldn't be too crowded--and I'm glad we did. By the time we were leaving the lines were long. It seems that Koreans like to slowwwwwly walk around to each piece, listening to a pre-recorded explanation. It can be a little frustrating, but I took deep breaths and let the art enthrall me. I really enjoyed the exhibit.

Here are a few pictures.........

 Boemgye...kind of cute with the rainbow rings and lights, no?

            The gendered mugs. I had a good laugh.

The scene...


 Outside the museum. Can you spot me?

 No pictures allowed inside the exhibit...

All in all, another great weekend. It ended with mixing up a delicious batch of hummus. My vegetarian tummy is happy.


Carpe said...

SWEET! Been waiting for a new entry! Greetings from Fabulous (and warm) Las Vegas. I am an adopted Korean raised in the states and I love your blog. It is exciting, refreshing, upbeat, and very insightful. It has reignited my desire to visit my home country for the first time. Keep it up! :)

ashley rae said...

ah yes i like you a lot. hearing about your days is divinity... like the candy.
updated my blog-just for you my reader!!!

xoxooxoxox. missing you,