Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's here!

It's time to cheer, to let out a big WOOP WOOP for the end of intensives. The class was a struggle. I had eight kids, placed in a "intensive writing" course (level: basic) who were unable to construct basic sentences.

Katrina Teacher, on a daily basis: "Okay! Here we go! Which word in this sentence is a verb? /The dog runs.\  Which word tells us an action? Remember? We talked about this last time (and the time before, and really, let's be honest, 2 minutes ago, with only a slightly different sentence) .........."
Class: Blank stares. The smarter ones are risk takers. They don't mind making mistakes. "THE!" they shout.
Katrina Teacher: "Nope. Try again."
Class: Silence.
Katrina Teacher: "What does the dog do?"
Class: Another brave soul, "Teacher! Dog! DOG, Teacher!"
Katrina Teacher: Deep breath. "Okay. Let's use Katrina Teacher as an example." I start running around the room. As I run, I ask, "What is Katrina Teacher DOING right now?"
Class: "Teacher? Why run? Teacher silly!"
Katrina Teacher: Exasperation hits. Deeper breath. "Okay, let's start over..."

Rinse and repeat. Between basic grammatical structure lessons, I attempted to get coherent sentences out of them in writing. Even when I helped/edited on their paper, they had trouble copying the edited portion onto their final product. Hence, this student's page:

Let's face it: he has most of the verbs. 
As for articles and correct spelling...I'm leaving that to another teacher.

By the last day, I was tired of writing. The kids were VERY tired of writing. SO, I let them draw pictures for each piece they had written. It was a great last day. A few of them had even mastered the use of verbs by the end. Success.

Hannah (in red), is hilarious. Definitely a favorite. She even uses verbs.

 Hard at work.

My most challenging student. 
By the end, he had won my heart, especially with this fish picture.

I'm off to work to administer a few writing and speaking "level-up" tests, teach a bit, do a little grading, and say GOODBYE for a whole week. Ahhhh. Vacation has finally arrived.

(Other random, kind of exciting news: I gave my official notice that I would not be extending my current contract. It felt good. April 18th is my final day of work at CDI April. Woohoo!)


psh said...


Your words are inspiring.

Thank you.

ashley rae said...

i love the conversation with your students... absolutely hilarious :)