Monday, January 24, 2011

the end is in sight!

Well, the end of this week and the beginning of my week off.


It snowed yesterday. Quite a bit, actually. This morning, I slipped on the ice under the snow and have a crick in my back. SNOW: 1. KATRINA: -5.

Ventured to COEX Aquarium on Saturday with Justin and Spenser. It was the first time I was back at COEX since the airport shuttle dropped me off on my first night in Korea. (run-on sentence, much?) Those initial feelings of unfamiliarity buttressed current confidence in my surroundings and I was pleased to acknowledge how far I have come.

Anyhow, pictures of the aquarium (and a two-headed turtle!!) will follow shortly. Maybe tomorrow night. As for this evening--I'm bedding down early. Two more days of intensives (aka, being at work at 9:30am) and two regular days left!

OH, Vacation, I can almost taste you.

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