Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COEX Aquarium, In Pictures...

Hello! I return with fish pictures....

The entrance....OoOOOoo...

This guy was especially fancy...

 Okay, so I know this isn't the most fascinating picture, 
but these kids brought a smile to my face. 
They've got their soda, they've got seats. They are comfy.

 An entire section of the aquarium (really, the first interesting part) 
is of unique places to put fish. Spenser bought a Coke 
from one of these contraptions.

 Ever thought of putting your fishies in a washing machine?

 ALL OF A SUDDEN, you're in the Amazon!!

 Mr. Piranha. Requisite Amazon Fish.

 Two Headed Turtle!! Ahhhhhh!

 I wasn't touching the fish. 
I swear.

Fish? Plant? Ten bucks to the correct answer...

 Best picture of the day. Check out that kid. 
Check out his grandma's arm.

 I tried to get my head in the shark....
but couldn't fight my way to the front of the line. Kids are ruthless.

The boys. Checking out a tank. 
We all proceeded to touch sharks from this point.

 Mmmmmm. Gorgeous, right? Get excited.

Haha. The only comment from this photo I have is: 
"Hmmm I need to wear my retainer. "


 Is it sad the only references I have are to a Disney film?
(I think this turtle and I could have been great friends.)

He (she?) feels it too.


Three more days until vacation.

I might be delirious.

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Vy Cu said...

hhahaha I have a blog entry just like this one... same photo ops from the saaame aquarium! :)