Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Xmas Post

WELL, I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas. Mine was different, but great. I forgot to take pictures...so for now, I'm stealing a couple from Justin. I'm hoping his friend, Spenser, puts up pictures from the dinner, too, so I can steal those. :)

Anyhow, Christmas Eve, I went out to Justin's local hangout with his coworkers. It was pretty fun but I was really tired from the week. Saturday morning (CHRISTMAS!) we made a delicious breakfast of potatoes and french toast. It was only the second time I'd had french toast since being in Korea, so I was a pretty happy camper. Later that day, we went to a dinner at an off-base military "community house." The place itself is run by a Christian group but the dinner wasn't too religious for me. So, that was nice. We DID sing happy birthday to Jesus, which I was pretty impressed by. Justin ate some of his birthday cake. I ate PUMPKIN PIE instead. (Another food item I have missed.)

After dinner, we headed up to Seoul to go skating at Seoul Plaza. They ice over a big area for public skating over the holidays. It was only 1,000Won (about 80 cents) for 1 hour of skating and rental skates. Great deal. Unfortunately, Christmas was one of the coldest days Korea has had in years (or so I heard) and I was a chilly girl. Soooo I lasted about 40 minutes. A small child managed to take me out and I have battle wounds to prove it.

All in all, a wonderful Christmas. I had fun spending time with Justin and his coworkers. They are a good group of people. I also enjoyed Sunday because I was able to skype call my family on their Christmas. Perfection.

It's warmed up a bit and we got a few inches of snow yesterday, so my walk to work is a winter wonderland. It's also an ice rink. Korean's don't seem to salt sidewalks. It's every man/woman/child for themselves!

Here are four whole pictures of the day:

The Christmas Dinner Atmosphere

getting our skates on (that's Spenser)

Couples tend to wear matching outfits. This was particularly amusing. 
The guy was a foreigner, too!

 The start. Before the cold and the crash. 
I should probably buy a warmer coat.

It's the week before 2011 and life feels busy. We have a new teacher, Nora, from South Africa. She's been teaching in Korea for a year and half but is just starting with our company. I got to do a little training with her on Monday. So far, so good! Also, we're all getting prepped for INTENSIVES which start next week. Gone are the days of lazy Tues/Thurs mornings. For a month, I'll go to work at 9:30, teach an intensive writing course 10-12:20, then teach my normal classes until 7pm. SO, I'm treasuring this last week before mayhem ensues. :)

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