Monday, November 29, 2010

It begins!

Yesterday marked the start of my last full term....on my initial one year contract. Woop woop. I'll still work (at least) 8 weeks of the last term, but this does feel a bit momentous. A bit.

I thought, going into the day, that it would be a breeze. I'd been through it all before, right? Oh no, my company always throws curveballs--and this term it is a dramatic change to our writing section. It's going to take the kids (and teachers!) a few classes to get used to the new format.

Last weekend I went shopping for xmas gifts in Insadong. I have almost everyone checked off my list. No guarantees of arrival dates for the packages, though. I can either send things EMS and fork over a lot of money for gifts to arrive by the 25th, or regular Korean post, pay close to nothing, and hope they get there before my contract ends. In April. Hmmmm.

The big excitement of the weekend was the first snow on Sunday night!  I did not witness the actual flakes falling from the sky, but I did glimpse a little snow on the ground! It melted by the morning. Just how I like it. Each day feels cold cold cold and I am rather ill-equipped. I'd better fix that soon!

Well, that is all of my news. The birthday is on Friday, so I only have 3 more days to be 25. Wow.

Happy Tuesday!

A group of Korean drummers!

 Insadong is great for this kind of thing


Here we go, Winter. 


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А! Pensé que iba a comentar y decir que el tema limpio, ¿lo hacen por ti mismo? Es realmente impresionante!

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I just added your feed to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts..