Saturday, November 13, 2010

i realize there's been more music...

And less Korea....

But let me be honest. Music is a large part of my life. It's cathartic. I dance to it. It gets me through the day. I even play music for my classes when they are writing or working on projects. A day without music is a day without....well, something important.

Music also helps me process. So, when I'm disappointed with myself or my situation, I lean on music to feel. Today, for example, is a bit of a disappointment. My dates for the lantern festival have all come down with what I had last weekend and have (rightly so) bowed out. I go alone or not at all?

I'm tired of doing things alone. I've been doing things alone for too long. Before "youknowwhat" and after... I'm consistently alone. I have crafted my life this way and feel quite proud of my ability to DO things independently. But then, there are those days. Those damn days that strip away all of my self-talk and pride. I'm left with me. Only me. Not as much fun for a lantern festival. Something I imagine could be quite romantic, or at least lovely, with the right company.

For now, I'll listen to my latest Florence + the machine favorite, take a shower, and brace myself for another solo adventure. Maybe the 'solo' is what makes me so great. Maybe I'll be surprised with the outcome. I'm in Korea, after all. It's always an adventure. :)

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miss chelsea elizabeth said...

sometimes alone is lonely, but sometimes solo is best. GO, girl. enjoy that festival!