Saturday, November 13, 2010

I did it.

Headed out. Alone.

But then, about half way to Seoul, I got a text from Carolyn. She wanted to go, too! AND, she invited a friend of hers from training...who then invited a friend of his.... and my lonesome became a group of four. 

So, I got to Gangnam and wandered around for a bit waiting for Carolyn. And purchased a new pair of converse....and mascara.....and coffee.....this spending spree must end!

Carolyn arrived and we met up with Jo Jo (from Maryland) and Joe (from Kelso, WA!!...and, who I would later find out, is a WSU graduate/worked in Reslife/IT IS A SMALL WORLD)...and headed towards Cheonggye Plaza.

I had no idea the festival would be so.....busy. We were packed like sardines into a line that was herded, in a very Korean/orderly way towards the stream.

the intended destination

 soon to be among the masses...but first had to go over the river and around

 carolyn, jo jo, me, joe

alllmost there...

 ah! we made it to the stream!

 an awkward self portrait...that turned out kind of neat

joe offered to take a picture. it was still awkward.

 a bit confused by the xmas trees

perfection of the double peace


 saying goodbye...

We ended the night with dinner and beer. We missed the subway (whyyyy do they shut down so early?) and had to cab it back to Gangnam. Luckily the 30,000won ride was split four ways. Carolyn and I managed to make one of the last buses home.

Never have expectations. That's what I learned last night. I had a lot of fun and met some great new people and got to know one of my coworkers much better. Perfection.

And, quite lovely.

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Megan said...

you make a lovely jesus :)