Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Home Free

I spent an amazing year of learning and growth working for a profoundly effective nonprofit, Home Free. My role was as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence working in conjunction with the Portland Police's Domestic Violence Unit. This is a video about HOME FREE. I could not be more proud or thankful of the work the advocates do for the community of Portland. Please watch.

The story at 5:01 was one of my unfinished cases when I left the position to pursue this teaching job in Korea. It was my most difficult case of the year and I am very happy to know that Home Free's services were able to assist the participant in establishing safety.

Love to VOA Home Free today.


Janet said...

What a great program.. I'm glad you were able to work there.

miss chelsea elizabeth said...

that just made me cry. and it makes me want to move to portland and help.

i'm proud of you girl, for being a part of something so profound.

mamamary said...

thank-you Katrina for giving so much to such needy people.