Sunday, October 24, 2010

lazy weekend

I didn't accomplish anything of importance this weekend.

Went to Seoul (Myeong-dong) on Saturday for a little shopping, as it is no longer warm and I was ill equipped. Still on the list: shoes/boots/warmer footwear.

The rest of the weekend was spent, quite honestly, in bed. After 6 months, I finally acquired a non-fluorescent bedside reading lamp. SO, I put it to use. And watched movies. Caught up on my Project Runway.

I felt guilty for being inside on an otherwise lovely weekend. How many of these do we have left?

Maybe I needed it.

Halloween is this weekend. Not quite sure what the plans are, but hopefully a bit of debauchery. I still need a costume. Suggestions?

The following weekend is DMZ with Teralyn, which I am quite excited for.

Reports from Seoraksan say the leaves are falling rapidly. I think we're still going to try to see the sights the 2nd week of November, though.

So, plans are in the works. I guess a quiet weekend is okay.

Back to work.

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