Tuesday, October 19, 2010

granola and rooftop potlucks

I'm trying a new thing and we'll see how long it lasts: short blogs soon after the events take place. This is likely to be first and last one.

Last week, I received two care packages: one from mom and one from dad. Needless to say, I felt pretty darn loved that day. Also, they both contained necessities as well as extras.

One of the extras was a bag of homemade granola from Juneau. I've been enjoying the granola with my daily yoghurt this week. Yum:

Last night, the teachers at April had an autumn rooftop potluck. It was nice. I made pesto pasta, after deciding not to share my smoked salmon from AK. Selfish, I know.

 From the left: Alex C, Vy, Linda, Carolyn, Courtney's Hand, and Alex E

Before indulging:

 AFTER. Just enough pasta left for my dinner tonight.

So, that's it. The next few weeks (after this coming weekend) should be fun: I'm organizing a trip to Seoraksan (gorgeous mountainous area on the east coast) to see the fall colors and do a bit of hiking for either Halloween weekend OR the 2nd weekend in November. The first weekend in November I am meeting my training roomie, Teralyn (YAY!) in Seoul and we're going to check out the DMZ.

For now, I'm just getting through each day as best that I can. Some are harder than others. It's nice to have coworkers that make me smile to help with the hard ones. I particularly like hearing a booming "OYY!" from the room next to me, as Alex C (the only British guy among us) tries to get students' attentions. Makes me laugh every time.

Love to you and yours.

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Megan said...

I wouldn't have shared the salmon either :)