Sunday, October 17, 2010


After a great night out Friday, I woke up feeling as though I needed to get away for the weekend. A few weeks ago, Dani and Matt (from Daejeon) invited Justin and me to the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I had forgotten until Dani emailed me Saturday morning with an invitation. So, very last minute, I decided to hop on a train (solo) to hang out in Daejeon.

This felt good for two reasons. One, I was getting out of town. Two, I was doing it myself. Granted, I met up with Dani and Matt....but I took the train on my own! Victory!

It was great to see the two of them. While the festival actually only amounted to ONE balloon, it was still more than I had ever seen in my life, so I was pretty pleased. Not to mention, Daejeon has a great river and it felt nice to be next to water.

Here are the photos. It took place in the evening, so they are all pretty dark.

Before I left town, I stumbled upon some sort of children's festival in Yeongtong

They were all pretty cute in their hanboks

 The river in Daejeon. We walked along it to get to the festival...

A great bridge...

 On the bridge...

When we arrived, all of the balloons were laid out and people were sitting on them...

 Oh! And we caught a Tae Kwon Do demonstration!

There was a giant panda floatie....just a little bit creepy

In addition to the balloons, there was a food festival going on...and some dancing

 Get ready for some bridge pictures....

SURPRISE!!! FIREWORKS! (This made the entire thing for me)

You could purchase lanterns and send them to the sky. It was quite beautiful to see them all floating around up there but pictures didn't do it justice.

BALLOON INFLATION. I've always wondered how it is done.

They fill it with a fan.

And then light it up!

There she goes!


Balloon and Bridge.

Walking back home...

So that was it! Pretty great if you ask me. Tomorrow is my 6th month anniversary so there may be a bit of celebration on my part, as well as a self pat on the back. :)

It is getting quite chilly in the evenings and I'm enjoying the leaves falling. I hope to make it to the mountains before all of the leaves disappear......


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Katie, that was a wonderful little trip for me! I imagined I was there with you. Thank-you. Love you always. MoM

Anonymous said...

katrina~ your photos and words are so beautiful. you are doing this, exploring the world. i miss you and love you and am so impressed/proud of your spirit.