Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nothing to do with korea...

It's beginning to feel like autumn. Yesterday, while the sun blazed hot, there was a cool breeze whipping through my hair on my walk to work. Waiting for the bus this morning, I actually got goosebumps.

At a change of season, I'm always reminded of that movie, Chocolat, about the woman and her daughter who always moved when the winds changed. I feel a bit of a kindred spirit with that movie, that woman. The winds change I and I want to change. I want to move. I want to start new.

In years past, I'm afraid I've made some rash decisions during the changing of the seasons. I'm really trying to stay sane this time around.

But it almost feels like I can't breath. I want to scream and cry and laugh. I want time to speed up, but also to slow down.

I just want to get past the change, because I know it will all settle down eventually.

What is to be done in the meantime? Breath. Breath. Breath. Reconnect. Listen to my favorite songs. Read my favorite books. Be with my favorite person and skype with my favorites at home.

I have to stay in the moment. I can't wish for something else or look back on what was. Because the moment is all I have.

And really, it is quite wonderful.

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Matt (Transition) said...

great post! well said, I feel the same way sometimes!