Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay, I have to admit that I am not at all excited about making this blog post. Oooonly because there are so many pictures from Japan that I feel overwhelmed. SO, I am going to direct you all to the album I was able to quickly make on Facebook as well as Justin's blog. He spent about 3 hours updating on Saturday while I read a book. Priorities, you know? :)

and here: Justin's blog

I will try to put up a few pictures sometime this week. 
In other news, the week back after vacation was a bit rough around the edges. I was tired and the kids were tired, but by Friday, we were all back into the swing of things. I am so proud of my two Sprout 1 classes. At the beginning of the term, they had the most pathetic "Thinking Project" presentations--either not speaking at all or speaking very quietly, reading their papers, and showing no interest in their work. WELL, let me tell you, much has changed since then! They all are doing AMAZING projects and giving presentations with loud, clear voices, not reading--the whole works! I am SO proud! I almost cried on Thursday and Friday when they were doing presentations, I was so happy. It's great to see the progress that students make and I feel happy to be their teacher.
This past weekend, Justin and I took a lazy day on Saturday--to update blogs (he was the only one to accomplish this) and to read books. Wahoo! 

Then, Sunday, we met up with Hiroko's friend from WSU who is Korean. His name is Ian and his girlfriend, whom he brought with, is Sophia (english nicknames). They took us to some great places in Seoul that neither Justin or I had experienced yet. Then, we went for a beer, which turned into three (big ones) for the guys. It was a late night but definitely worth it. Ian and Sophia are great and it was really fun to practice Korean and English with them. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out in the future!

Okay, it's Monday here so I have to begin getting ready for my work day. 

Check out Facebook and Justin's blog for pictures from Japan! Sorry I am too lazy to put them on here! :)