Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today is the eve of my vacation to Japaaaaan!

I've been off of work since Saturday. However, Justin's silly employer made him (and all of the other teachers) work Mon/Tues so we can't leave until Wednesday. I'm still enjoying my vacation, though! It's been lovely not to going into work!

Everything up until now has been kind of a countdown until vacation. I feel as though it could not have come at a more opportune time. Those kiddos were driving me crazy! And I was driving THEM crazy! It's better to have a little break, and all come back rested before the end of the term. Only 5 weeks left. Crazy.

Two weekends ago, Justin and I were just being lazy so we decided to head over to Manseok Park, which is about a 5 minute walk away. I'd never fully explored the park and wanted to see what it could offer me. :) Turns out, the park is great! It reminds me a lot of Capitol Lake, as there is a big lake in the middle with a walking/running/biking track around it that is about 1 mile in distance. Justin and I made plans to start running around the lake after Japan. Here are some pictures from that day...

Beautiful, no?

I really like this shot:

Hey there, Justin!

Did I mention that weekend was our one year anniversary of living together? Woop Woop! Silly kids...

And, check out this lotus flower I spotted! BEAUTIFUL!

LAST weekend, we went to Seoul to find some *ahem* birthday gifts for my dad and Julie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!! (I'll be in Japan for his bday, so won't be able to call...)

Anyhow, Justin wanted to see Deoksugung Palace, so we checked that out on our walk from Namdaemun Market (huge, everything you could want) to Insadong (tourist street!). The palace was pretty great and I particularly enjoyed that the sounds of Seoul were largely blocked out its surrounding wall. There was also a beautiful pond. The Seoul Art Museum (I think) is housed inside the palace walls but was closed the day we went. I'd love to go back and check it out!

Namdaemun Market

The Palace entrance:
I flexed my muscles and looked tough when I went past the guards and one of them smiled/laughed. It was kind of funny...

The pond! That's me on the right...I look so tiny!

Palace structures...not quite sure what this one was for...

Cutesy one of us in front of the museum. By the way...my backside is not that big. My purse makes it look like that. :)

Last picture...ME! Ready to take on Insadong!

Okay, Folks, that's all I've got. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures in Japan. We're staying with Hiroko, whom I met in college through Justin and Joel. They both stayed with her family on and off during their times of destitution in Japan. We'll be a surprise to her parents and Justin is SUPER excited to see them. I guess they were like his second set of parents there in Japan.

We're hoping to spend one day each in Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka. It will be a short trip, but definitely worth it!

See you all when I get back!


gen said...

lovely pics! belated happy LT (living together..?) anniversary! love that pic! whoa 5 weeks off? woohoo lots of time to go traveling! :)

Katrina said...

Gen! I WISH 5 weeks off! No, only this week off and then 5 weeks left in the term of work. BOO. Our friends that work for a public school have 3 weeks off--and are traveling to China and Mongolia. I'm so jealous! We'll make our few days in Japan count, that's for sure. :)

Amy said...

Fantastic pictures, as always. I love those pictures of the market, and the pond with tiny you. If you weren't in that picture, it would have seemed regular sized. It's cool to see how big it really is! Congrats on the one-year anniversary of living together. I'm so happy for you and Justin, and you both look so happy :) Have a great trip!