Monday, May 3, 2010


I am officially at war with my thermostat/water heater gauge.

I've tried coddling. I've tried sweet talking. I've tried being nice.

And then, I tried yelling. Pushing buttons like a mad woman.


I have had a total of 3, maybe 4 hot showers since I've been in my apartment. For 3 days, I thought I had things figured out. Three whole days!

Ohhhh not so. Today, I waited 2 hours for the red light to stop blinking. Fed up, I washed my hair, yet again, in the kitchen sink, beneath shockingly cold water.

Twenty minutes later, guess what?! THE RED LIGHT STOPPED BLINKING. THERE IS HOT WATER.

It is a cruel world we live in.

I need to learn Hangul.

This is really my fault.

In other news....

I proceeded to get quite sickly last Thursday and have been recouping since. During my free time this weekend, I watched movies and television shows for free on the computer, which was quite delightful and kept me from going insane. Ahhhh the internet is not part of the cruel world my thermostat lives in.

This week is an easy one. The kiddos have their "level-up" tests Mon/Tues, so there is very little teaching involved for this girl. (Good for my failing voice after the throat sickness.) Wednesday is "Children's Day" so.. NO SCHOOL! Wahoo! The joys of working with little kiddos! Then, it's back to normal Thurs/Fri. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and my day off and actually having some energy.

I received my Alien Registration Card yesterday, so now I can get a bank account, a cell phone, and whenever my "free" internet goes out, will be able to get the real stuff. Woop woop! I am an alien!

Alright, it's time to finish getting ready for work. I almost want to hop into the shower just to spite the water heater, but it is worth it? No, I guess not.

The battle continues...

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