Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Plethora of Pictures....tree pictures

After waiting around for way too long for my stupid water to heat up...I finally gave in to the blinking red light and took a cold shower. Then, it was off on Operation Find an English Book. This adventure would take me to Suwon Station, which is in Suwon City. I am in a different part of Suwon, Yeongtong. Thus, I was on a mission for the 7-2 bus!

Lucky for you all, I made a slight detour prior to hopping on said bus. The bus stop is right across from Kyung Hee University! I LOVE university campuses! I love the feeling of education, of learning, of young people excited about reading. :) You can feel it in the air, you really can.

Anyhow.......while exploring the campus, I found a delightful nature walk. I guess in Korea, it would be considered more of a hiking trail.......but coming from the NW means that to this girl, a mere walk.

But how excited was I to find nature?! VERY excited.

Okay, here are the pictures. Lots of them:

This is not actually on the walk, but just part of the campus. Oh! The colors!

This is what I spotted from an otherwise concrete street.......and yes, I ran to it:

From the top of the stairs

I was headed there.....

This is the face of a happy girl. TREEEEEEES! Lots of them!!!! No buildings within sight!!!


Taking a picture touching a tree. Now, I can do this at the park near my house...........but it's just not the same. Enter Katrina's crazy face:

Then, I came to a clearing. Now, this place is a mystery. Is it the edge of Yeongtong? Clearly, they are building more officetels (apartment buildings). I stood here for a good ten minutes trying to figure it out and take it all in. I'm pretty sure the Korean hikers around me thought I was a bit odd.

I'm a sucker for crooked trees:

After this, I stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed my surroundings. Then, I made my way back to the bus stop and grabbed the 7-2 to Suwon Station. It took about 20 minutes and only cost 900KW, or about 90 cents US. Woop woop.

Just a quick note about the buses and subway here---SO clean. Comfy seats on the bus. Easy to ride. Wow. Thank you, Korea.

Anyhow, from nature to this:

And, after some exploring, BOOKS. Only a few to choose from, but hot damn, SO worth it. I love books. I have missed them. I bought "Love in the Time of Cholera," which I have been wanting to read for about 3 years. Here's my token picture of the book selection:

I managed to catch the correct bus home. Here I am, a very happy girl, and very proud.

Every time I adventure out on my own, I feel a little more confident in my new surroundings and with myself.

This is good.

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