Saturday, May 22, 2010

Okay Amy...Here is your post!

I was told that I haven't updated in awhile, so here goes!

The truth is, I have not been up to much. After my last post, I kind of just took it easy. Or, actually, WORKED very hard. It turns out, I have a lot of paperwork at this job. So, not only am I teaching, I'm grading and prepping. Hey, guess I'm experiencing what all of those lovely teachers in my life did. A true experience! And here I thought this job was going to be easy. :)

Monday begins the last week of the term. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this. I only have to teach my "stinker class" for three more times! Yayyyyyyy! Their 7:15 time slot will be replaced by a class of three students at the "seedbed 2" level. Little little ones! Only three of them! Wahoo!

I'll also be teaching a "sapling 2" class, which is the highest level, and a couple of "sprout," or middle level, classes. Should be pretty interesting.

I feel like I've really gotten into a routine and it's getting easier to believe that I am in Korea. Every day on my walk to work, I remind myself, "HEY, you are walking to work. You are walking to work in Ko-freakkin-REA."

It's all coming together. My health has vastly improved--the voice is back to full working mode--and my skin is looking better. I ended up going to a dermatologist and paid a whopping $2.50 for the visit! And, he's fixing me right up!  Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory pills do this girl wonders. Who knew I would have such an extreme reaction to the air here? Perioral Dermatitis, be gone!

ANYHOW... enough about that...I know the pictures are what you came here here are some from the past couple of weeks---

Two weekends ago, I went to Seoul for the "Friendship Fair." It was amazing! There were food vendors and dance performances from probably fifty different countries around the world. I was so enthralled by the food and people that I forgot to take pictures. However, I did snap quite a few of a fountain nearby.....

I love flowers. Thank goodness Korea does, too.

Here's the fountain! I don't know who the statue is of, but he looks pretty damn fierce.

This is the Cheonggyecheon River. It was recently "renovated" and is now very clean water with wonderful large lanterns, a walkway, and all around wonderful-ness. I read that it acts as a natural "air-conditioner" for Seoul. Awesome!

The next weekend, Justin arrived! He starts work on Monday, so has just been hanging out here in Yeongtong for the week. It's been really nice to have someone familiar around. Today, we went to Suwon City's Hwaseong Palace. The actual palace was destroyed during the Korean War, but "highly spirited" residents began a restoration campaign. They began construction in '96 and was completed in 2003. I'd say, it's pretty freakin amazing!

The plaza/entrance...

Inside, there are a bunch of different areas with displays about the King who built it/lived there on occasion, and how the people lived.

This is the entrance...complete with guards. YES!

Me with some musical instruments......I know, the lighting is a little off...

The King's living room

Close up of the architecture. Beeautiful!

Another part of the palace where the King performed rain ceremonies.

Tiny door!

We were hoping to hike up to the top of the mountain behind the palace because there is a big gold Buddha and some type of temple...but it started to rain. Big time.

Stopped at HomePlus (aka walmart of korea) and I purchased an umbrella. I don't remember the last time I used an umbrella, but they are all the rage in Korea. I feel like a local.


No promises on the next update........but I'll try to be more frequent in my posts! I miss everyone at home and have many pangs for the Northwest...but so far, Korea is pretty great, too.


Amy said...

Yes! I got a shout out! Haha, I love this post. Your pictures are fantastic, and I love reading about your adventures :)

Teffy said...

hi amy, hey, would yo tell me how did you get to the 'fierce'xD statue on Cheonggyecheon, i mean in which metro station should i go down? :) cause Cheonggyecheon is pretty big TT_TT