Monday, February 1, 2010

Ever Changing


EPIK did not quite work out. There was a huge mis communication between our recruiter and the Katrina and Justin are without a job.

We've decided to apply to Chungdahm, or CDI, which is a company that operates private schools in Korea. The hours are a bit lame (evening) and there is much less time off, but we will probably make more money and will at least be in Korea, right? Yayyy!

So, step 1 of the process is complete. We've submitted our application, video introduction, medical form, etc. Now, we have to wait for our recruiter to send things into CDI and for them to get back to us. The recruiter thinks we have a good shot....but he said that about I'm not getting my hopes up.

While we're waiting around in Hershey, PA, I'm heading to Philly to have a mini reunion with some AmeriCorps friends. Also, Justin and I applied to work as temps for Hershey that might be kind of fun! Other than that, we're just hanging out with his nephew, Gavin, and enjoying the relaxation of no jobs and nowhere to go. (Not exactly as relaxing as it sounds!)

Updates are sure to follow...