Tuesday, February 26, 2008



As always, it's been awhile. We have had some time to get settled here in Ft. Pierce, Florida, and it's great! Today's high was about 86*...our pool is swimmable... and the ocean is beautiful!!I have gotten a pretty amazing tan in the 2 weeks we've been here. We live in an interesting neighborhood, I believe the income level is pretty low, but so far no one has given us any trouble and the people are pretty friendly.

Our work consists of putting up "hurrice shutters" for those who cannot afford to do it themselves. They are installed to prevent "missiles," or flying objects during a hurricane from breaking through glass and doors. By preventing this, the home is much better protected during a storm. If an opening is breached, the home stands a much higher chance of wind coming in and taking the roof off. SO, we are helping!Installation is really not that difficult, once you get the hang of how to do it, and the days go by pretty quickly. Sometimes we have to drive a 1/2 hour to work and back, other days we are working almost in our backyard. INTACT (Inspired Network to Achieve Community Together) is run by very friendly people who have made us feel very welcome! (I feel like an advertisement here, but what I say is true!) Jim, our lead guy, is quite the character--he was a Marine for 20 years and then worked in insurance before coming to work for INTACT. He really likes to explain things thoroughly and is quite concerned about our safety. It's kind of a big switch from our last boss!

Things with the team are going pretty well. I think we've gotten past the honeymoon stage and little annoyances have cropped up here and there. However, we still get along and work together splendidly, so I continue to be very thankful for the people I am surrounded by.

Some bad news--my computer has completely crapped out, so from here on out, I am using the shared laptop that the team has. Bummer!!! That's one of the reasons I haven't been able to update lately, as I usually feel like I shouldn't be on this computer for too long. However, today people are taking naps before dinner so I have a little time. :)

Okay, picture time!

Our bedroom! My bed, that I share with Emily, is on the right.

Our crazy bathroom...sunken tub... YELLOW

The swimming pool. Until a couple of days ago, we didn't have a pole for the skimmer, so Libby took it upon herself to swim around and skim the leaves off herself. It was a funny sight.

Alicia and I...working on one of the biggest windows yet...

How it looks with the panels on the window (we take them off when we are done)... and that's Miranda smiling for the camera

With Joe and Elena...always a good time

That's a hammer drill I'm wielding

Jim, our fearless and long winded leader

Emily and me on a night out at Archies...a beach/biker bar/restaurant we discovered across from our favorite beach spot

We worked at Frontier Florida Days last weekend as an Independent Service Project and I got to show kids what they would have played with if they were alive 100 years ago. Oh the joys...

I even managed to play with some toys myself!

And that's about it! We are having a lot of fun...and learning a lot, as well. If anyone feels like visiting, Ft. Pierce has beautiful beaches!!!

I miss everyone a lot and hope you are all doing well in your respective lives. Leave me comments if you have any questions about what we are doing... it's a little hard to explain!