Tuesday, January 15, 2008

this just in

Well! It's been ages.

In summary:
*Christmas was a lot of fun, once I finally made it to Kansas. It was great to be around family!
*Getting back to Biloxi was easy...and wonderful! It was so fun to see everyone again, I'd definitely missed my team!
*We arrived to the church to find a bajillion volunteers here. It's craaaazy! There is a lot being done on the houses, which is great...but we are all feeling a little crowded.
*The past week I have been working on Window casings. This is an awful, horrendous, despicable job. Basically, we pre-fabricate the window sills and trim and then fit them around the windows that are already installed. It's such an intricate process...and we have messed up (meaning the casings do not fit) SO many times. This is the first downer of the project...and we are struggling to get through it.

HOWEVER--we got some great news today!

Our next project, beginning in early February, will be in Ft. Pierce, Florida. It's a small waterfront community that's about an hour north of West Palm Beach, 2 hours from Disney World. The best news is that we will be living as a team (by ourselves) in a 4 bedroom house, 3 bathrooms, and a POOL. We don't know if the pool is actually operable...but we are willing to fix it if it isn't. We'll be working on "mitigation" which is basically making homes less vulnerable to hurricanes. More info on that will come, hopefully. :) Yayyyyy! I am so excited!

So, life is moving along quickly. Things are pretty good. The houses that we started when we got here are probably going to be finished by the time we leave, so that is awesome...and we are still all getting along, etc. Thank goodness.

And we're headed to FLORIDA!!!

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Megan said...

holy crap, what an amazing project! I'm so excited for you. we still haven't found ours out yet and I'm dying to know!
(also, we're transitioning together, so I'll see you soon!)